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See the world with different eyes. Change your perspective. Perspektive Media is a Hamburg based film production company specialized in giving construction documentaries and corporate videos a different angle. Highest aesthetic standards and „out of the box“-concepts build the foundation for a look that is entirely different from what you have seen so far. With clients branching from all sectors of society and business we are proven experts in giving your film production the certain something it needs to stand out of the mass. Our internationally focussed project teams successfully realize projects all across Europe ranging from Sardinia to the Nordics.

Experienced project managers and dedicated film makers provide all their know-how and the passion it needs for your film to become an outstanding product. With our full service approach and 360 degree customer orientation we evolve your project from the idea to the finished film. You don’t need to worry about anything: We got the right people, the right experience and the right expertise to bring your project to life. 
Your idea – our perspective.


Aerial Cinematography

In addition to the camera shots, Perspektive Media makes use of drones and a model helicopter for exceptional birds-eye view shots. Sophisticated technology, stabilized flight characteristics and precise handling make vibration-free footage in HD quality with high-resolution digital live image transmission. The handy miniature helicopter allows us to shoot an impressive picture of the entire construction project from the air. It is also possible to use the helicopter not only outside but also inside the construction site.


At a glance

  • Maximum flexibility on location
  • Minimal distance to object of interest
  • Irrespective of location, time and weather
  • Also usable for interior shots
  • Flying altitude up to 100 meters
  • Interference-free digital live broadcast

HD Webcam

Perspektive Media can install web-enabled cameras on your site or on your building according to your individual needs to guarantee an ideal view on the object or event of interest. Hereby you are able to inform the public 24/7 about the current progress on your building site.


At a glance

  • Ideal setting
  • 24/7 live broadcast
  • 21 megapixel resolution
  • Highest optical performance
  • Updating in up to one minute intervals

HD Time Lapse

With our HD webcams we are also able to store the images and combine them into an appealing time lapse sequence. Thereby you can present your construction project from the first stone laying to the opening ceremony within a few seconds. By applying a tilt-shift effect to the video in postproduction a special, modern look can be achieved.


At a glance

  • Weatherproof
  • Insensitive to heat and cold
  • 21 megapixel resolution
  • Highest optical performance
  • Mobile use and fixed installation possible


Have a look for yourself and watch some examples of our Construction Documentations.




Here you can find some pictures, taken from the productions of different construction documentaries we have realized in the past:


Wind Energy:


Solar Energy:


Water Engineering:



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